Garage Overhead Storage

I wanted to build a home gym in my garage, but let’s be honest we all have a little too much junk in our garages (even if it is useful junk). So one fateful weekend, I set out to build some overhead storage. A few inevitable months later and here are the results:

Here is the frame made out of white stud 2 by 4’s, the long sections are 10’ lengths, and the ends are 4’ lengths. Making the final dimensions 10’ 3” by 4’, with three smaller center braces. I utilized Simpson Tie’s (joist hanger and corner tie) along with wood screws and copious amounts of wood glue to connect and secure the studs.

To hang the platform from the ceiling , 3/8” threaded rod, 3/8” eye hooks, 3/8” couplers, 1/4” quick links, and slotted angle iron attached with 1-3/4” construction screws in the trusses to hang it from the ceiling. To attach the threaded rod to the platform, I used 3/8” nuts, lock washers, and washers, and on the bottom used 3/8” jam nuts and washers. There are also anchors attaching the platform to the aluminum framing in the wall, I plan on adding another threaded rod to the back middle section of the platform to add stability and strength. I still want to reinforcement the slotted angle by running 2 by 4’s horizontally above the trusses and feeding threaded rod down around either side of the 1/4” quick links.

Hope you like my over engineered storage system for the garage, feel free to ask questions in the comments section.

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